How do I get Credits?

You can get Credits by selling items and from playing in the Mob Arena.

How do I get to the Survival world?

You can go to the Survival world by going into the portal to the left of the spawn entrance.
You will then be teleported to a random place in the Survival world.

How do I use the shop?

You need to be a Member rank or higher to use the shop.
If you are, then you can open a shop by right clicking on one of the Villagers.
Note that items are locked until you pickup or craft one of that kind of item.

I don’t understand how a feature of the server works

You can use /help to get info about all the server features.
If the answer you are looking for isn’t in there, then send a message using the contact form here.

I just joined the server and I’m stuck in the air. Is this supposed to happen?

Yes, you have to select a Language before you can play on the server.
You do this by clicking on a language in chat.

I want to support the server, what is the best way to do this?

You can donate to help pay the upkeep cost of the server.
You can do this by clicking on the donate button on the top bar of this website.
There you can buy either the Donator Rank which will give you some cosmetic stuff, or the Double Soul Points booster which will double the Soul Points everyone of the server gets for a few days.

My town is gone, what happened?

Most likely the town didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay the upkeep cost.
The owner of the town will get a message if the town doesn’t have enough money to pay the upkeep cost for the next day.

If this wasn’t the case and you believe this is a bug, then send a message using the form here.

What are Ranks?

When you first join the server, you are Novice rank.
You rank up by playing for a certain amount of time.
You can see you’re current progress by using the /playtime command.

What are Soul Points?

Soul Points is a currency that players with Elite rank or higher can get.
You can buy the Soul Eater enchant from the Soul Shop, this will give you Soul Points when you kill mobs and players with the enchanted weapon.


How do I get to the Creative Plots world?

You can get there by going into the portal to the right of the spawn entrance.

How do I return to spawn?

You can return to the spawn by using the /spawn command.

I can’t use some blocks, is this normal?

Yes, some blocks can only be used by players that are Elite rank or higher such as Redstone.
There are also some blocks that are disabled for everyone.