We’re planning to do a map reset when 1.8 is out,
This is because of all the new worldgen added in 1.8 such as Water Temples and the new types of stone.

We’re also going to make the spawn better on the new 1.8 map.
For example we are going to change the shop from Signs to instead having a Villager shop,
There will be one Villager per category (Build, Redstone, etc)
You will be able to click on the Villager and that will open a shop GUI where you can buy and sell stuff.
This will be much less laggy then the signs.

We are also going to implement a AutoRank system.
Originally there were some features that you could only get by Donating, but due to the new Minecraft EULA a lot of them had to be removed.
So instead i’m planning to give extra features depending on how long you have played.
I will also limit a couple of things to people who have played longer such as using Redstone in the Plot World and changing Spawner Types after you’ve placed them.
I’ll maybe also limit the shop to those who have played 2 hours so people don’t just mine some cobblestone and then sell it to buy the other stuff.

This doesn’t mean that Donator ranks will dissapear, there will be more cosmetic features exclusive to Donators.
If you’ve got a idea for new features for Donator ranks, for the AutoRank or to improve the server, please send me a message here

I’m also going to work on the MobArena to make it more enjoyable.
I’m also probally going to disable TNT grieving so there won’t be big craters in the world.
But i might enable Mob Griefing again so you’re extra careful about Creepers 😀

Also our host recently changed its name from ProMinecraftHost to BisectHosting so if you can’t find it thats the reason, here’s a referral link to the hosts main page.

I’ve also been busy lately with modded minecraft, i’ve made a Public FTB modpack called Stirecraft.
If you like to play it here is a link to the FTB forum page or if you want to directly begin, the Private Pack Code is FTB-StireCraft
NOTE: This will not affect the server, the server will stay Vanilla, Stirecraft and Stirebuild are two diffrent things, the modpack is just another project of mine.

I will also post tweets on the Stirebuild twitter of the update progress once 1.8 comes out,

I hope you read trough all that :),
If you have any questions send them to me here or send a tweet to the Stirebuild twitter,


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