Donations and Survey

If you follow any Mojang employings on twitter you may already have seen the drama surrounding Server Donations. Mojang recently pointed out that giving people items when they donate is not a donation but a purchase. And that that’s against Minecraft’s EULA. Yesterday mojang decided that servers can give people Read more…


We are currently conducting a survey for the server. We value your feedback, and would appreciate if you took a few moments to respond to some questions. You can go to the survey either with the link from the popup which appears when you are on the site, The text Read more…


We haven’t updated to 1.7 yet because the 1.7 version of bukkit is not yet released, Once it is released, we will reset the server and start using the new spawn, This means that all the inventories, money and worlds will be reset.


Stirebuild is now updated to 1.6.4 There are a couple of things that don’t work at the moment due to the update The things that don’t work at the moment are Mobcatcher, CraftingPlus and the /plot decorate command, These will all be fixed in a while