If you follow any Mojang employings on twitter you may already have seen the drama surrounding Server Donations.

Mojang recently pointed out that giving people items when they donate is not a donation but a purchase.
And that that’s against Minecraft’s EULA.

Yesterday mojang decided that servers can give people something in return for donating, but that it has to be only cosmetic and not gameplay affecting.
If you want to read more into it here is the Official Mojang post about it: https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation/

So I’ve removed all the things from the buycraft store and made a new Donator Rank which doesn’t go against the Minecraft EULA.
There’s currently only the $5 Donator Rank because i’m still testing around with it to see if people like it.

The new Donator Rank still has the ability to use colors in chat and on signs, prefix in chat, /nick and the Extra Rank in the Mob Arena
The extra rank in the mob arena has a horse so it may seem gameplay affecting but using a horse in the Mob Arena isn’t really beneficial.

New to the Donator Rank is the ability to wear blocks as hats, You can either use the hat command while holding the block or you can just put the block in your head armor slot.
You now also have Particle Trails where you walk. You have Feet Trails wich leaves Particles where you walk, and you have Head Trails wich always gives off particles
You can access the particle menu using /trail

I also closed the Survey.
Most people seem to find the spawn hard to navigate so i’m planning to work on the spawn once 1.8 comes out. I also plan to rebuild the shop because its really laggy right now.
The question if i should do a world reset when 1.8 comes out seems to be exacly 50/50, so i might do another poll for that or just not do a reset and wait for new years with it so we could do yearly resets.

If anyone has anymore ideas for the Donator Rank or Higher Ranks (Donator+, Donator_Premium)
Then send me a mail using the contact form here and put the suggestion in the message field.


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