The 10th anniversary changes are now live.

You can now access the older survival worlds through the new portal room om the spawn building.
The worlds are unchanged from what they were at the end except for a few things:

  • Warped Wood signs that give extra commentary on older stuff.
  • Fixed shop signs (The old ones had Item IDs which doesn’t work these days).
  • Updated website URLs (We don’t have those old domains anymore and they now lead to weird pages).
  • Old commands that are no longer used now give some information.

You cannot modify blocks and when you click on an item in a chest you copy it instead of modifying the chest itself.
Also you can use shops in the worlds, it then says it takes money from you but these changes are ignored.

Also, everyone gets a Gift Box when they log in.
This contains some nice items including a special firework rocket that you can use infinitly.
That is a bit OP because of Elytra’s, but since the server is going to be reset in about 4 weeks anyway (at least I expect it then) I don’t think it’s a big deal.
When you get this gift box again after the reset then the infinite firework rocket will probably be modified with this in mind.

Finally as was said in the previous post you can also temporarily use /fly to fly up the spawn.

If something is not working properly like your /home of an old world is not found.
Please report it and I will fix it.

The old worlds will be accessible until December 1st.