The server has been updated to 1.15.1.


The main new thing about 1.15 are Bees.
Unfortunately they only spawn in Bee Hives that spawn in newly generated areas.

To solve this I made it so that when you grow a Oak or Birch tree, that tree has a 10% chance of generating a Bee Hive with Bees.
I also increased the World Size for if you want to find them in new area’s.

Other updates

I added Honeycomb blocks to the Build Shop.
The Honey Blocks are not going to be added to the shop due to being able to craft them back to Honey Bottles. Which are something I want players to get using the intended way.

This is also the reason why Bees won’t be added to Spawners for the moment. As I currently don’t have a way to stop spawner bees from generating honey.

A few weeks back I also added some perfomance tweaks so with the performance fixes of 1.15 the server should have much less lag.


I have a couple of plans for the server for in 2020.
First I am currently rewriting the plugin that handles most server stuff (Shops, Soul Points, Auto Ranking and more).
I am also planning some new additions for these things so look forward to it.

I am also planning to make a custom land protection plugin for the server.
This is currently handled by Towny but a lot of players get confused by it and some don’t like certain features of it.
So I want to make a easier protection plugin that has the good things of Towny and makes them easier to use.

One big thing that I already have in mind is the handling of towns that don’t pay the upkeep cost on time.
Currently when the cost isn’t paid, the town is deleted.
But I want to make it so that the town get’s “frozen”.
So when the upkeep isn’t paid the town is still protected, but the members of that town also can’t change anything.

I also have some other plugin idea’s so look forward to them.
If you have any idea’s for the server, please send them using the form on this website or send it in-game to me (raspen0).

I hope you all have a good christmas,