The server has been updated to 1.18.1.
It was actually updated earlier this week but I didn’t have time to make a big post about it.

The biggest change is the move from Towny to Grief Prevention (see /help claims).
The reason for this is that Towny had a lot of stuff players weren’t using and it had weird things with the protection when your town became a ruin.

You get 100 claim blocks per hour with Grief Prevention.
At the moment this isn’t really indicated well with your /playtime so this is something I’ll have to look at in the future.
I’m learning things about Grief Prevention at the same time as you, so if the balance of claim blocks you get isn’t right please report it.
Then I can improve that.

Other notable things about the server with this update:

  • The survival world has been reset.
  • So is your inventory and your credits.
  • The main server plugin now uses a different message system. It is possible that some text will not display correctly because of this.
  • If you see some text that looks strange, please report it immediately so I can fix it.
  • Gift Boxes are not working properly at the moment so they are disabled for now.
  • When I fix it later this week, you will get the gift boxes for playing on previous worlds. You will also get the 9th and/or 10th anniversary gift boxes if you got them on the previous world.
  • The Heavy Armor set has been temporarily removed from the Arena Shop due to issues and will return at a later date.
  • The render distance is being weird with 1.18. I am looking into this.
  • This is especially noticeable in the plots world.
  • Soul Essence is a renaming of Soul Points, so it is not a new thing.
  • This also applies to Soul Eater which has been renamed to Soul Stealer.
  • The kill and death stats are no longer on the scoreboard but can be found in the stats screen in your pause menu.
  • You can now see the TPS of the server in the tab menu to see if the server is lagging (less than 18 means noticeable lag).
  • You can now use /kill if you are stuck or want to respawn quickly.

Other current problems can be found in the #known-issues channel on the Discord server (
Don’t forget that if you don’t understand something you can use /help on the server.


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