The server is 10 years old! 🥳

To celebrate this, starting Saturday all previous Survival worlds will temporarily return.
These worlds will not be editable (you cannot change blocks).
You will be able to visit these worlds and the old spawn areas to see how the server used to be and see your old houses/factions/towns if you played on a previous world.
In each world you can then teleport to your bed, /home, Faction or Town that you had then.
The worlds will remain for the entire month of November.

There will also be a Gift Box with some nice things for the 10th anniversary.
Don’t expect anything very big in the Gift Box like new armor sets or special items because the old worlds are the big thing and took a lot of work to get working.

Finally from Saturday until December 1, you’ll also be able to fly around the spawn with /fly so you can see the beautiful spawn of Hidduscus from new angles.

Some additional things:
1.18 will be released in a month or 2.
With 1.18 the world will be reset because of the new world generation.
The Gift Boxes you claimed will be given to you again after a reset.
Due to the size of the update you should expect that after 1.18 is released, it will take a week or two before the server can update to 1.18.
In case it takes a very long time, I’ll be able to allow 1.18 players on the server while the server itself is still on 1.17.

I have not worked a lot on the server lately.
This is due to being busy with my education and other IRL stuff.
I don’t see this getting any better in the near future (it may get even worse), but I will at least try to add new things when I have time.

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