I didn’t have time to prepare big stuff such as new custom items. But I have made some small stuff to celebrate it.

Gift Box

Everyone who comes online in the next 7 days gets a special gift box. This contains cakes, fireworks with the Stirebuild colors, golden apples, credits, soul points and XP.

Other then that there are some other server changes.

Big Towny change

Towns that don’t pay their upkeep in time will now go “Bankrupt” instead of disappearing.
In this state members of the town can’t build in the town.
To make it active again you need to put credits in the town bank.
Keep in mind that once the town goes bankrupt, that the bank will start going into negative numbers.
This will stop at a limit that is depended on the size of the town.

Towny chunks

Because many people requested it.
The buyable town chunk limit has been increased from 20 to 30.


Some new nether items have been added to the shop.
Basalt, Crimson Stems and Warped Stems have been added to the Building shop.
Netherite Scraps are now sellable in the Valuable shop.
Those new items and cakes are also cheaper for the next 7 days to celebrate the 9th anniversary.

Mob Heads

The new nether mobs can now also drop their head.
A new Advancement has also been added for the Nether mob heads.

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