The server has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.13.2.

Sorry for the long delay, this was due to other plugins not being updated and me being busy with other stuff.

Other then the Minecraft update, there are also some server changes. A lot of them are technical changes, but there is also a good amount of new stuff. 

There is a overview of the more technical changes at the end of this page.


  • The world size has been increased by 50%.
  • Novice players can now create their own towns.
  • Warp points have been added for the spawn.
    • With this you can quickly get around spawn.
    • To open the Warp Menu, you have to stand in a Warp Point.
    • At this moment the Warp Points have not been placed at spawn yet, but this will happen next week.
  • The AutoMessage now uses a Boss Bar at the top of the screen.
  • A message saying how you can get back to spawn has been added when you use the Survival Portal at spawn.

Mob Arena:

  • New mobs have been added to the list of mobs that can appear in waves.
  • The Archer class has been nerved.
    • It now doesn’t start with a Power 1 bow.
    • It now gets a Power 1 bow at wave 15.
  • New swarm and special waves have been added for higher waves.
  • The updating of the leaderboard should now cause a lot less lag.

Vote Rewards:

  • After a long time, vote rewards are back.
  • Each month, when the total amount of votes for the server reaches a certain amount. All players will get a reward.
  • The amounts and rewards are:
    • 25 Votes: All players get a Poking Stick.
      • A stick with Level 10 Knockback, and 10 uses.
    • 50 Votes: All players get the new Fire Armor set.
      • A armor set that negates fire/lava damage and even gives you effects when you are on fire.


  • A Aqua shop has been added.
    • This shop contains new 1.13 ocean items.
  • A Potion shop has been added.
    • Like the name says, this shop sells potions.
  • Blue Ice has been added to the Build Shop.
  • New enchantments have been added to the Enchantment shop.
  • When you buy a Fence in the General shop, it will not open a wood select menu similar to colored items.
  • The code for the shops has been almost completely rewritten, and it should now cause a lot less lag.


  • New mobs have been added for Spawner.
    • (Strays, Husks, Phantoms and Turtles).
  • Player skins have been removed for the player heads in the Access Rights menu.
    • This was due to it causing to much lag.
  • Spawners now support renaming towns.
    • Previously if the name of a town would change, it would not update in the spawner and see it as a different town.
  • They should now cause a lot less lag.


  • The time-based ranking is now handled by my custom plugin.
    • It should now be much faster and more stable.
  • You can now see you’re current time with /playtime.
    • /ar check doesn’t work anymore.
  • Information about ranks and how you can rank-up have been added to /help.


A lot of stuff on the server is managed by a custom plugin called Stiretweaks.

Previously it already handled Soul Points, Shops, Spawners, help pages, Mob Arena Rewards and the custom armor sets.

In addition to that, it now also handles:
Ranking, Scoreboard, AutoMessage and Voting.

Unlike using existing plugins, I can program the features to do exactly what they need to do on the server.
This causes those features to be a lot more efficient and cause less lag.

In addition to the new features, almost all of the existing ones have been rewritten.
Due to this, they should be a lot more stable and cause a lot less lag.

If you have any issues or questions (even about Stiretweaks), please send a message using the contact form on this website or in-game using /mail send raspen0 (message).

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