The server has been updated to 1.16.1.
The world has also been reset and there are also a lot of changes other then the Minecraft 1.116 changes.
Here is a list with all the new server changes.


  • Drowned, Panda’s, Striders, Hoglin, Zoglin and Foxes are now usable in Spawners.
    (Drowned that are spawned from spawners can’t drop Tridents or gold).
  • You can now add Nations to spawners.
    It works the same as adding Towns, but instead of t:, you start the name with n:.
  • You can now pick up Spawners with the new Spawner Staff item.
    You can buy this in the Soul Shop.
  • Spawners now have Soulbound.
    This means that you won’t lose it when you die with one in your inventory.
  • Levels:
    Spawners now have levels. When you buy a Spawner it will be level 1.
    You can upgrade it in the Spawner Shop.
    Level 1 spawners can spawn mobs in the Biome where those mobs normally spawn.
    So they can also spawn Nether mobs inside Nether biomes.
    Level 2 spawners can spawn mobs regardless of Biome.
    Level 3 spawners can spawn Nether mobs outside of the Nether and spawn normal mobs inside the Nether.
  • Limit
    You can now only have 5 active spawners at once.
    This is against server lag.
    If you place a 6th spawner, then it will be disabled.
    This spawner can then be enabled from the Spawner menu. It is recommended to disable spawners that you are not using.
    You can also toggle spawners from a distance using the new /spawner
    You can use this if you set a name for the spawner in the Spawner Menu. Then you can use /spawn <enable/disable> <spawner name>.
    (Spawners will also disable themselfs when they can’t spawn mobs in the current Town block).


  • Shops should have less issues then before.
  • You can now sell a item multiple times at once in the Sell shops by right clicking on the item.
  • Some items now require Advancements.
    This is so it is a bit more difficult to unlock some of the items.
  • A couple of 1.16 blocks and items have been added.
    Not many have been added because then a update is new, I want players to get the new items the normal way without using shops.
    But if there are any decorative blocks that you want in the shop, ask me and I will probably add it.


  • There is a new Triton class.
    This is a class with a Trident.
  • The Arena chests are working again.
  • The mobs in the arena waves have been changed.
  • You won’t get a Reward menu anymore when you complete the arena.
    Instead every 5 waves you will get some Arena Tokens.
    You can spend these in the new Arena Shop in front of the arena.

World Border

  • The world border is now handled by the build in Minecraft world border.
    This means that the world will now be square and that you won’t get the teleport effect when you are at the border.
    There are some known issues with the world border and nether portals.
    I have installed a plugin which should prevent this.
    But if you die after going through a nether portal, please tell me.

Other stuff

  • You’re playtime from the new map is now also counted seperately.
    With this you can see you’re playtime on the new world using /playtime.
    All the rank calculations will still be done using your total playtime.
  • You can’t use /sethome anymore in the Nether.
    To set a spawnpoint there, you have to use the new Respawn Anchor.
  • When a Town plot is cleared, the block protections will now also be removed from that plot.
  • The blocks that are protected have been tweaked.
    When you don’t see a protected message while it used to do it, try using /cprivate to manually set it.
    If that doesn’t work then the block can’t be protected anymore.
  • The prices for Towns have been tweaked.
  • When you die, you will now respawn at your bed or Respawn Anchor (if it has any charge left).
  • The color of your rank is now visible above your head, in the tab list and in the title of your sidebar.
  • You can now get heads from mobs.
    The drop chance is really low, but I think this is fair because you can get Spawners.
  • You can’t get Advancements anymore in the Arena.
  • 2 new Advancements have been added for clearing certain waves in the Mob Arena.
    These are used for the Arena shop.
  • Gift boxes now have a menu that will show what you have obtained.
  • The /donate, /vote en /contact commands have been added.
  • The stats of the special armor sets have been added.
  • The sidebar can now be disabled using /sidebar.
  • /help has been updated with new information.
    The Biome information for mobs will be added at a a later point.

If you encounter issues, please send me a message using the contact form.


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