The server has finally been updated to 1.17.
(1.17.1 just came out and the server will be updated soon.)

Here are the server specific changes:

  • The survival world size has been increased (almost double the size)
  • You can now go AFK without getting kicked.
    • Your playtime will stops counting when AFK.
  • You can place blocks on spawners without opening the spawner menu by holding shift.
    • So you can place torches on spawners again.
  • A /discord command has been added with the Discord server link.
  • Ores and minerals are no longer buyable in the shops.
  • /enderchest (/ec, /echest) and /workbench (/craft, /wb) can now only be executed in your town, in a town with the same nation as your village and on the spawn.
    • This is so you need to have a crafting table and enderchest with you if you want to use them outside your town.
  • Your Survival random teleport location will now be remembered until the next server restart, when you go through the portal for a 2nd time you will be sent to the first location.
    • This is so you can get back to your items when you die.
  • You can now pay for donations with more payment methods.
  • Several bugs fixed, if you find any please report it.

Why did the update take so long?

I am currently busy finishing my education. Because of this I did not have much time to work on the server. I was also working on a new /help system. You will not really notice the new system, but with it I can show the entire contents of /help on the new website when it is ready.

Future stuff

1.18 is coming out at the end of this year. This will be the big update that will completely change caves and increase world height. It’s possible that we’ll do a world reset then, but this depends on how Mojang handles older worlds at 1.18.

Before this, the 10th anniversary of the server is in October. I plan then to give a lot of free things in-game on the anniversary. I also plan to have the new website finished by then. Finally, I plan to revamp the donation and vote rewards then as well.

Another thing I talked about earlier is a replacement for Towny. This is something I was in a hurry to do in the beginning, but Towny has improved many things over the past year that were bothering me. Like adding Town Ruins. This allows me to take it a little easier with this. I now plan to have it finished around when 1.18 comes out.

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