The new 1.8 map is live 😀

The  map now has 1.8 generation such as the new stones and Water Temples.
Because of this you require 1.8.0 or 1.8.1 to connect.

The Spawn

The Spawn was made smaller, the shops are now in the basement of the spawnbuilding.
The only way to get into the survival world is via the Random Teleporter, so there wont be a lot of block towers, etc at one location
The Mobarena has been temporary removed and will return on a later date


Autorank is a new plugin on Stirebuild
You rank up and get extra permissions based on how long you’ve played

Currently there are 3 Ranks: Newbie, Member and Member+

You begin as Newbie
You have the default permissions

After that is Member
As a Member you can use the Shops and get Heads from Mobs And Players you kill.
You need to have played 5 hours to get this rank.

After that is Member+
As a Member+ you can use the Spawner Shop (When it’s ready)
Use /workbench and /enderchest
And use Redstone on plots.
You need to have played 10 hours to get this rank.

There are more things planned for the ranks
If you have suggestions about things we should add to ranks, send a mail using the contact form here
Send a tweet to @stirebuild on twitter
Or send a ingame mail using /mail send raspen0

I hope you have a fun time on the server


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