Most people may already know about the whole Bukkit drama if not see here.

Due to DMCA claim, Bukkit, Spigot and Claudron downloads have been removed and are currently unavailable.

I don’t know when a version of 1.8 for bukkit / spigot is going to be available, but it could take a while.

Spigot has actually found a way around the claim and made a patcher to give out updates
They also made a Spigot version that accepts both 1.7 and 1.8 players, (it doesn’t add the 1.8 blocks or items)
A lot of servers have already moved over to that version but Stirebuild hasn’t because it messes with a couple of plugins such as the BossBar Message plugin, this problem should be fixed in a Minecraft 1.8.X update.

Also a lot of modders and programmers from the Minecraft Community have come together and started a new Minecraft Server Project called Sponge.
It will build of MinecraftForge and will work in a similar way as Bukkit regarding plugins. Sponge Website
Stirebuild may move over to Sponge when its stable, there is enough support for it and when other big servers move over as well.
But we’ll have to see in the future


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