The server will be reset coming Tuesday (1 March) and there will be some changes to the server:
Here’s a list of notable changes:

  • Factions / Towny:

    • Factions has been removed and has been replaced with Towny.
      • Towny has a lot of simularities with Factions
      • You can create a Town and players can join your town.
      • You can expand your land by buying more plots of land, the more players join your town, the more land you can buy.
      • You have to pay  a certain amount of money each day in order to keep your town.
      • The other members of your town also have to pay tax to you, you can set how much tax other members have to pay
      • You can also start a Nation together with other Towns.
      • I’ll make a detailed post about Towny after the reset.
  • Skyblock:

    • Skyblock has been removed
      • Might be re-added at a later point
  • Ranks:

    • The time requirement to become a Member+ has been increased from 15 hours to 20 hours.
    • A new rank above Member+ called Elite
      • You need to have played 30 hours to become a Elite
    • You need to be a Elite to use redstone in the plot world
      • Previously you needed Member+ for this.
    • The names of Donators are no longer yellow, they are now the color of your normal rank (Newbie, Member, Member+ or Elite)
      • They do still have their prefixes.
  • Spawn: 

    • Completely new  spawn
      • Made by Hidduscus
  • Voting:

    • Vote Rewards have been rewritten
    • Current vote rewards:
      • 5 XP Levels
      • Enchanted Golden Apple
      • 200 Credits (You have 10% chance to get another 100 Credits on top of this)
      • 3 Bread
    • Every 20 votes you get a Poking Stick
      • A special stick with knockback 10 on it
      • You can only use it 10 times before it breaks
      • You can see in the item description how many hits are left
  • Custom Item:

    • A new custom item called: “The Amulet of Keeping”
      • If you die when you have this item in your inventory, then you will keep your items.
      • This item will break after use.
      • Players who played on the old map will get this when they join.
      • You can find this item in dungeon chests.
  • Spawners

    • The /spawner command is now handeled by a custom made plugin
      • With this others can’t edit your spawner if its protected.
    • Removed some mobs from the /spawner list

The plot world will be reset at a later point.
There are improvements planned such as bigger plots and using worldedit on your plot (Elite)

Players who played on the server in the last 60 days will have their playtime carried over to the new map.

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