Last year I held a survey for players about what things could be improved.
I already shared the results of the survey on the Discord server.
But I forgot that there are players that are not in this Discord server, so I’ll share the results here too.


A lot of players asked for more buyable Towny chunks.
After I saw this, I increased the buyable chunks from 20 to 30.
Later this year I want to look at a better way to handle buyable Towny chunks.

Plot world

Not a lot of people go to the plot world.
So I want to work on some new stuff for this.
A lot of players also don’t seem to know that Veteran players can use WorldEdit on their plot.


The answers of the question if players are happy with the new Spawners was exactly 50/50.
This year I want to improve them.
But the mob limit will not be removed, because this limit is mostly there to prevent server lag.


Most people know that you can get rewards for voting for the server on server lists and also where you can find those server lists.
Individual vote rewards will probably not be added due to Mojang saying this is not allowed a couple of years ago.


Some interesting shop feedback was that some players want to remove the ores (Iron, Gold, Diamond) from the shop.
This is so players have to actually find them and mine them.
I also find this a good idea, but I first want to ask all the players about this before I do this.
Players also asked for Nether items in the shop.
Those where added a couple of months ago.


Players also asked about better Mob Arena rewards.
I will look into this.
Also I want to work on the arena waves because there have been complaints before about this.
If you have suggestions about this, send them using the contact form.


I had asked about plugin and feature suggestions.
A lot of players asked about something that would allow the night to be skipped without everyone needing to sleep.
This was also added a couple of months ago.
Now only half of the people in the Survival world at that moment need to sleep.


A lot of people in the Discord server are asking a lot about Voice channels.
There are not plans for this at the moment.
The main reason for this, is because I don’t have enough time to moderate voice channels. If this changes at any point I’ll announce this.
Asking about this won’t do anything.


At the moment I don’t have a lot of time to work on the server.
I do want to work on some server stuff because later this year is the 10th anniversary of the server.
So I want to make some nice things for this.
One of the things I am planning to to overhaul this website.

The next time I will share survery results on the website sooner.
Like I said in the beginning, I forgot that there are players that are not in the Discord server. I will take that into account in the future.


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