Its been a while since I posted a server update.

The new Minecraft update (1.13) is coming out.
It’s the biggest Minecraft update up to this point.

One of the most important things the players of the server are worried about, is if the map is going to be reset with 1.13.
The answer is no, the map will not be reset.
But 1.13 contains some new stuff on the map, so the size of the world will be increased.
I don’t know yet by how much, but it’s going to be much larger than it is currently.

I have also been working on other new server features for the next couple of months.
Some of the new features are:

  • A New BossBar based automessage system.
  • A new Announcement system
    • Already on the server.
    • Might be how you got to this post.
  • The return of Vote rewards.
  • A Potion Shop
  • New Items and Enchantments in the shops.

In addition the Vote and Ranking systems are now handled by a custom plugin and should be much more stable.
And the features that where previously already handled by the custom plugin (Such as the shop, spawners and Soul Points) have been almost completely rewritten and should be much faster and more stable.

This site also has a much nicer look now.
The voting page has been revamped and the site now has a FAQ section, which answers some questions players ask sometimes.

Lastly, the 1.13 update also has a lot of technical changes, so the server will probably not be updated in the first week.
But I’m going to try to update the server as soon as possible when I can.

If you have any questions, you can contact me using the contact form here.


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